Adventures in 3D Printing: Lampshade and Copper Tubing Light Fixture


My husband and I are a bit transfixed with 3D printing, neither of us know a lick about the software to do our own modeling, but there are 1000′s of ready to print items on Thingiverse.

Both of us are now at the point where we want to design our own 3D items, yet it’s really intimidating to try to learn how to design.  I’ve downloaded Sketchup and am going through online tutorials to learn.  Ultimately I’d really love to take a 3d Modeling software classes specific to 3D printing.  Hoping there is a class offered soon in the Seattle area soon! Online learning is fun and all but I’d love a 2-3 day intensive to learn enough to start actually printing my own designs.

Here’s how we got started with 3d printing- we purchased a printrbot Jr.  back in November.   It took us nearly a month to actually figure out and get it printing right…  Definitely not for the faint of heart or for anyone that wants a plug and play printer (it was the best entry level model we felt to get us a taste of 3d Printing).

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Double Tilt-Out Trash & Recycle Bin – DIY


When we built our small mudroom and pantry addition, I new I needed a tilt out trash bin, nothing on the market fit the space the way I wanted. So I of course went to and found a plan that I liked. I needed to hack it a bit to fit my space perfectly. But her wood tilt out trash can or recycling cabinet plans were perfect! (at this point, I’ve built about 5 Ana-White projects tehehehe).

I didn’t want to have 2 separate cabinets so I simply doubled the plans and joined it in the center.  I also added ball chains to the cabinet fronts to hold the doors open, but not let them fall down.

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Scroll Saw Fun! Space Needle Cut out Art

scroll saw cutout art

YEAY! we just got a scroll saw to make our united states map out of license plates (will post that project once it’s complete). In the meantime for practice I made a Space needle cutout art!

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