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My kiddo’s just turned 3 and since day 1 of finger painting and art, I’ve kept nearly everything. I use it for wrapping paper (family loves this) and keep trying to come up with creative ways to use the art they’ve made.  I have to say, this is one of my favorites. A keepsake ornament or you could even use it in your rear view mirror in the car.

I took a tried and true art method of Soldering 2 pieces of glass together, and just modified it to use my kiddo’s art! I’ll be doing this one every year for the holiday’s as they are definitely a beautiful addition to any christmas tree!

This is my first tutorial, so please leave comments on what I can do to give better instructions:

First step: Learn how to solder – Watch this Youtube instruction for how to


  1. Simply Soldered Soldering Kit (has everything you need to solder) – Or if you don’t want the kit, you’ll need: Lead free solder, Copper tape, flux, soldering iron, glass for encasing (see below for microsope glass), Jump rings,
  2. Microscope slides (I get mine on Ebay, they usually come in a box of 50, which makes 25 ornaments)
  3. ribbon for hanging ornament
  4. Kiddo’s fingerpaint or painting artwork (DON’T use Tempura paint, it will melt/run, we use the crayola fingerpaint or brush paint)
  5. scissors
  6. pencil or pen
  7. Metal polish to finish off the solder/glass for that final shine (stained glass stores, or other online stores, just look for “metal polish or stained glass polish)


  1. take the microsocope glass and lay it over the artwork to find the 2 areas that look best under the glass
  2. trace around the glass for both pieces of artwork (You need 2 for each slide so that you have a piece of art showing through both sides)
  3. cut on the INSIDE of your tracing lines so that it fits inside the glass.
  4. clean the glass so you don’t have fingerprint smudges (windex is fab for this)
  5. sandwitch the artwork so that the backsides are back to back and the art is showing through the front and back of the glass. Make sure there is no paper sticking out as the copper foil won’t stick to the paper well and it will look messy.
  6. tape the copper foil
  7. flux and solder
  8. Flux and solder the jump ring perpendicular on one of the “skinny/smaller” sides of the ornament
  9. polish the solder and glass
  10. add ribbon to the jump ring
  11. Wrap it up in a pretty box and give it for a great holiday gift! Family LOVES these and you can make it a great holiday tradition!

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