Can’t find the bedding pattern you want? Then make it!


I have been really drawn lately to the grey/yellow/cream colors. I looked and looked and just couldn’t find a pre made duvet cover in the pattern I like. But the colors I had to have. PLUS I am sooooo completely over the “duvet crammed in the corner of the cover” syndrome. Regardless of all the damn ties and clips etc. our duvet always ends up bunching up somewhere and always looks lumpy. The store models are just way to deceiving.

Anyhow, back at the bedding. I found a fabric that I just love and decided to make my own. I am not much of a seamstress, but I can sew straight lines (relatively) and know how to thread and troubleshoot a bit on my machine. So this was a big project for me.

I also decided I am NOT doing a duvet cover, I am just going to buy a machine washable duvet (I got mine at target for $34.99) and sew the damn thing into my fabric so that it never got bunched, and I could just wash the whole thing, more like a comforter than a duvet/cover thing.

I made pillow cases by following a basic pillow “tube” tutorial for making pillow cases and then grabbed some old sweaters at Goodwill that I liked the pattern of and sewed them around some old sofa pillows we no longer used (cost me about $4/pillow for the sweaters! vs. the $125 at crate and barrel for the one I loved).

Anyhow, No tutorial on this one, but I had to share! I love the new bedding!



Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear!