Minky and Pom Pom Toddler Shawl – fast and easy! (no sew or sew, your choice)


minky shawl toddler pom pom

My girls seemed to love a shawl that a kiddo at school was wearing, it was fleece with cool little ball trim around the edges.  I had some extra minky fleece left over from when I made some blankets so decided to give it a go. Instead of going the pattern route, I just used an existing t shirt that fit to use as the model for sizing. The best part with minky/fleece fabric is you don’t need to hem the edges. So I have a tutorial below with a sew and no sew option.

shawl toddler minky pom pom

Go figure though, once I made them the girls totally lost interest 🙂 they have YET to wear them (seems to happen when I sew for them LOL) but one of their friends Zoe loves it, so we passed one along to her, I have to make 2 of everything so we still have one and I still have hopes they will wear it at least once before outgrowing it 😉


  • 1 yard of Fleece or Minky (I Prefer minky cuddle dot, it has soft texture and nice little bumps..) – Minky Cuddle Dot Fabric by the yard
  • IF SEWING: 4 yards Pom Pom Trim – I used the ones with little pom poms in a complementary color – Pom Pom trim here
  • Scissors
  • fabric measuring tape
  • String or Yarn
  • fabric pencil/pen something that will write on the fabric.
  • IF SEWING: Sewing machine, or needle and thread to sew
  • T shirt that fits your kiddo already. ideally a longer one vs. one that shows belly or is too short. as this will ultimately be the length of the shawl.

Tutorial No Sew Portion

Step 1: Measure from the top of the t shirt to the bottom hem and add 4 inches to that measurement. Cut a piece of string/yarn that exact length.

Step 2: Fold the fabric in 1/2 right sides together, so it’s more of a square shape then a long skinny rectangle.  Put the string in the center top of the fold seam and then take the other end of the string and stretch it all the way out to make sure you can make a full 1/2 circle from the fold seam to fold seam (so when you cut it, you have a full circle when you open it) keeping one end centered on the fold seem the whole time, then tie the pen on the end of the string and mark the full 1/2 circle and cut. (Picture is showing the completed cut with an idea of where the neck mark will be ;))

Step 3: Keep it folded in 1/2 and now take your tshirt and line the shoulders up to the top of the fold. then drawl the shape of the neck and cut out that part. Unfold the fabric and you should have a nice circle with a little circle inside. Try it on your kiddo and make any adjustments, i.e. cut the neck hole bigger if you need to.

That’s it if your doing the No Sew options! (this is without pom poms, if you want pom poms added, follow the steps below)

Additional Sewing Steps

Step 5: Put the pom pom balls/trim on the wrong side of the fabric and sew. You can pin it if you want, but I found it just as easy to line it up and sew as I go. cut it when you make a full circle and your done!

As always, please let me know if you need more details in my tutorials or have any questions 😉 I’m always working on trying to make them better!

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