New Sewing Machine & Ruffle Foot Attachment.. OBSESSION!


I just got a new sewing machine for Christmas from the hubster and kiddo’s. It’s the Brother LB-6800. AMAZING. I never realized how techy sewing machines had gotten. from the bobbin winding to threading to sewing and feeding it’s just simple.. and smooth. I am actually embroidering now too! 🙂

I’d been wanting to try out this “ruffle foot” attachment I’d heard about and in honor of the new machine I went and bought the one for my machine.. they are a bit spendy ($70 for mine) but WOW so cool! I’ll never have to go through basting and ruffle process again.. WHICH  I HATED anyhow.. I am working on some fun projects now with my new ruffle foot… pictures to come soon. Just had to post about how cool this new machine is and the attachment.. I’m seriously obsessed!

Happy sewing!


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