Mod Podged Vintage Postage Stamped Mirror



I’ve been a fan of Mod Podge since I was a kid (btw. I call it Modge Podge.. dunno why just always merged the words together ;). My grandmother gave me a box she made years ago that she had made out of old postage stamps she god, I love that box and have had it as long as I can remember. My grandmother passed away about 5 years ago and when we were going through her things I found this large bag of vintage postage stamps. I just had to keep it knowing that I’ll find projects for them throughout life.

I’ve made jewelry and ornaments from them and decided to make a Modge Podged mirror (see Modge sounds better than mod.. Just sayin’) I made this mirror with my 3 year old twins help, they picked out the stamps I should use and we just ‘Podged’ them on. I’ll be using this mirror in my new office and can’t wait to see it every day!


  • Newspaper, scrap paper (something for covering your work surface)
  • Wood primer (get this in the same area you get the acrylic paint )
  • Foam craft brush (3)
  • Mod Podge (Gloss or Matte finish)
  • Acrylic paint (whatever color you want)
  • Triple clear (you can get this in the same area you get acrylic paint)
  • Postage Stamps
  • 12/12 scrapbook frame from Michaels
  • 12/12 mirror from Michaels
  • glue gun and glue sticks (approx 5 glue sticks)
  • 80 grit sanding block or paper

Step 1:

Supplies needed: Wood Primer, foam brush, newspaper or work surface

Lay down your frame on some newspaper or just something so that you don’t get your surface gunked up.  Liberally coat the entire frame in the wood primer, this gets it ready for painting the acrylic paint on it. this dries pretty fast.

Step 2:

Supplies needed: Acrylic paint, foam brush

Paint the top side, inside edges and outside edges with your acrylic paint. I do typically 2-3 coats to get it really covered well. Let this dry completely.

Step 3:

Supplies needed: Stamps, Mod Podge, Foam brush

First I laid out the stamps to see would fit and figured that out before adding the mod podge. Soo Lay them out until you get the desired layout your looking for.

Then get your foam brush and mod podge and do a generous layer then lay down some stamps. then mod podge over it. do this in sections so it doesn’t dry (I typically do about 4-6 stamps then move to the next clump of stamps). Don’t be skimping with mod podge, just glob it on and brush it so that the brush moves “smoothly” over it. instead of feeling like your being sparing with it.

Step 4:

Supplies needed: sand paper, triple clear coat, work surface paper

I sand down the edges lightly to remove any paper that may have stuck to it from the surface you painted it on. I learned one lesson, make sure to sand the inside of where the mirror will sit, to remove any of the newspaper/paper that you used as the work surface. I didn’t do this and you can see pieces of paper in the mirror reflection around the edges of the finished mirror.

once you’ve sanded then put the frame on your work surface again and be outside for this one, then spray the triple clear coat over the entire frame and inner and outer sides to give it a nice solid gloss coat.

let it dry.

Step 5:

Supplies needed: 12×12 mirror, glue gun

Now just drop the mirror into the frame and close the little hinges as much as you can around the frame.

Get your glue gun nice and heated and use the glue gun to work around the mirror between the mirror and the wood and fill in that gap. whenever you get to one of the little metal hinge things, just do a dollop of glue on top of them so that it becomes a nicely glued bumper vs. it sticking out and scratching your wall.

Step 6:

Hang up that mirror!


Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear!