Super Simple Toddler Dress from PDF Sewing Pattern


I am going through a bit of a sewing obsession phase. I’ve been playing around with up-cycling old clothes into toddler clothes (tutorials and projects to be posted soon).


toddler sewing pattern PDF easy dress Jocole

The girls love to pick out fabrics and decide what embellishments to put on their clothes, they have fun playing with the fabric and helping to pin and cut the patterns out, it’s quite cute! The girls also have their very own sewing machine ( great for toddlers to “sew” along with mom) it’s called the Hello Kitty Chainstitch Sewing Machine .

My first PDF sewing pattern I purchased was the  Crossover Dress Pattern from Jocole. I LOVE this pattern, super easy and quick to make.

This pic of the girls, they are both wearing their own versions of the crossover dress, fabric picked out by them.  Mackenzie (on the right) even wanted to add her own bow to the bottom of the dress 🙂 so we did!

True to my impatiently crafty and instant gratification nature, I am going with the easy patterns and love the  PDF sewing patterns, since you can often purchase and print the pattern within like 15 minutes!  The patterns from Jocole have been great! I’ve since ordered a couple more from her store to make, since the first one was so easy to follow and had clear & very detailed instructions.

Having a blast sewing for the kids, working on getting them to pose for the camera, this was like shot 50 that I finally got both of them looking in the same direction! LOL

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  1. Seriously … are you not sleeping? How on earth are you finding the time to work AND be crafty? love the dresses. Can I commission some for B&C?

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