Upcycled: Wine Bottle Into Cozy Twine Covered Branchy Light Thingy…


Yes, I had fun with the title of this post.. 🙂

My mom got me these great battery lighted branch thingies. I couldn’t find a vase that worked the way I wanted for the branches and I didn’t like the battery pack for the branches just sitting out on the table. So my crafty brain came up with a better idea.

upcycled wine bottle wrappd in Jute tutorial

Drink Wine, clean bottle, Get the hot glue gun out and twine and make a perfect holder/vase for my lighted branches.

I love how this looks, it’s all contained into the wine bottle, and the battery pack has a little holder on the back of the bottle so that it’s all one piece, this project cost about $18 total (the biggest variance is the cost of your branches) or for me since the branch thingies were a gift, it cost me a whopping $2.45 for a ball of Jute Twine. If you have a Fred Meyer in your area, you can find the lighted branches for as little as $14.

These make great gifts as well, creative and unique.


  1. Empty wine bottle, rinsed out and dry
  2. Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  3. Jute Twine
  4. Branchy lighted thingies with battery pack


  1. Drink wine, rinse and dry wine bottle. (um.. the best step btw.)
  2. Get your glue gun out and wrap the twine continuously around the bottle, I use the glue gun all the way around on the first row of twine, then just every couple of rows random dots to hold it all in place. Twine and glue all the way to the top of the bottle.
  3. Insert the branches into the bottle and then make sure the battery pack and cord is long enough that the battery pack can sit comfortably against the bottom of the bottle.
  4. twine and glue around the cord at the top so it covers the loose cord sticking out.
  5. Twine & glue LOOSELY around the bottom of the bottle and battery pack.. do NOT glue on the battery pack or you won’t be able to swap out batteries as needed ,just hot glue on the bottle areas.
  6. turn on your light and enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Upcycled: Wine Bottle Into Cozy Twine Covered Branchy Light Thingy…

  1. love it! would love some of those branchy things myself…..and you could also use them as branches, say draped over the top of a picture frame or even lying on a table like a runner. thanks for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday!

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