DIY Washable Glitter Paint for Toddlers


glitter paint diy with glitter and crayola washable paints

Ok, maybe this is a no brainer, but I thought it was fun. The girls being 3 and all, LOVE glitter paint. I refuse to pay extra for glitter paint at the store so I just made some. I used the crayola washable paints and got a multi pack of martha stewart glitter (had like 24 glitter colors) and the girls picked paint colors and glitter colors! They had a blast painting with there new glitter paint.

the picture above shows it all 🙂 Just put some paint and poor glitter over it, the kids mix it in just by using it and painting. I find contrasting colors/glitter work best to show up on the finished art.

Here’s the girls painting away with there fab glitter paint!

glitter paint washable diy



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