Took a Class: Learning to Sew a professional Quality Pillow with an Invisible Zipper, Taught by; Cheryl Kuczek


throw pillow sewing class cheryl Kuczek invisible zippers

So since sewing is my latest crafty obsession, I am trying to learn how to actually sew “proper” vs. the hacked together way I sew. As I start trying to make clothes, the “proper” way sewing helps to make your clothes actually fit, or at least gives you a better chance of them fitting (probably a big fat DUH for most of you, but I’m impatient so often just hack my way through ;).

I signed up for a  Throw Pillows class through Pacific Fabrics and Crafts to learn how to sew pillows better.  I can sew pillows, no problem, they just don’t look store quality and they look more home made.   The class was taught by Paridiso’s Cheryl Kuczek  (great patterns on her site as well as tips and tricks from the Rebel Sewer herself ;)) I REALLY enjoyed her teaching style, she has a no fuss, out of the box approach to sewing, quite refreshing! She also passed along some great tips for general sewing. I’m hoping to sign up for some more classes with her soon!

I now have 2 (the middle 2 pillows above) sewn up for my girls bedroom decor! I was quite proud of getting an invisible zipper in (small successes in sewing go a long way for me!). I’ll be busting out pillows galore here shortly!


Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear!