Upcycled: Refinished Vintage Frame and Kids Fingerpainted Art.


upcycled vintage wood frame painted and framing kids art

I love vintage frames, the ornate designs, and shapes. However, the colors of the frames leave much to be desired, rarely have I found an old frame that I like “as is.” So this project was all about using a couple of frames I found at the flea market and up-cycling them into modern day treasures, (well, treasures for me that is)!

I am always encouraging my kids to create, paint, draw, color, play etc. as I feel that the freedom to create builds confidence. Especially when mom hangs up their art on the walls for everyone to see. This project we did together. I worked on painting the frame, the girls each painted there art, then I stenciled on top of it and we framed it together (they decided where they wanted their art to hang). They are often pointing out that “I made that mommy” it’s quite cute, and I get lots of comments on my unique art 😉

upcycled vintage frame kids fingerpainted art stencil

Here’s the basic supplies, this isn’t a full fledged tutorial, but by the list/information below you should have the info you kneed to make your own one of a kind art.

  • vintage frame
  • acrylic paint (or spray paint) for the frame (I used 2 coats of acrylic as it doesn’t cover “completely” so some of the colors of the original frame lightly show through, making the new paint look a lit more “aged”).
  • Home Depot has “1/4 sande handypanel” you can get free cuts, so measure the width of the opening  on teh back of the frame and get your wood cut to size.
  • Crayola washable paint or tempura paint
  • Glitter – this is for the kids to sprinkle glitter over paint if they so desire.
  • Stencil of your choosing to do in black (if you want to add a stencil like I did on both images)
  • Black Acrylic or crayola or tempura paint, whatever you have on hand to paint the stencil with.
  • Hot glue and Glue gun – to then glue around all the wood edges  on the back to lock in the wood art to the frame
  • Triple coat spray sealant to seal your kiddo’s art it all in after painting it

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    1. Thanks! Its really fun too because the girls see it and are super proud to have their art framed in the living room 🙂

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