Roaring 20’s costume and accessories, trial and error!


flapper dress costume fringe red 1920 1920's

I’m obsessed lately with sewing (clearly by my posts!) and frankly it’s my crafty crack hobby of the quarter!

That said, my friend Heidi invited me to a 20’s themed party and I just had to make my outfit! Seems like with the learning process in sewing, it’s still more expensive to sew, than to buy (especially when the first dress sucked!) but I love the creative process and am pretty excited about how it all turned out.

First of all. I thought it would be great to use a true vintage sewing pattern.  I found one on Etsy for a vintage “day dress” from the one hour dress 1920 1920's1920’s (no longer available on etsy, so I am linking to another site that has it) It’s the “one hour day dress” from the 1920’s.

I proceeded to make this dress using recommended fabric and ric rac and the dress turned out…… HORRIBLE.. so incredibly unflattering and frumpy, I just couldn’t wear it! BLECH.. (ok, could be my novice sewing skills, but I’m blaming it on the pattern… )

I won’t even wear it for this post to take a picture, it’s that bad!

So here’s a picture of it, hanging.. SEE.. awful, boxy and just NOT a cute dress.

I was set back but determined and decided to go more “flapper” style but something different than store bought. I searched dresses on ebay and found some inspiration.. I used a bit of knowledge from the first dress and got started using these inspiration dresses I found on Ebay.

flapper dress 1920's red fringe

Here’s all what I gathered/made/thrifted for this outfit:

  • T-strap pointy shoes were the trend in the 20’s I found an amazing pair of cream colored Stuart Weitzman t-strap shoes on eBay for $19!
  • Bought some nude hose with the seam down the back.
  • Found cheap costume pearls at the goodwill for $4
  • Did my hair by pinning back the length (seems like nobody had long hair in the 20’s?). and used a crimping iron.. yes, ladies of the 80’s I said crimp!. those of you that are younger, it’s one of those iron’s that they call a “waver” now… you want a big crimper waver so you can make it look like faux  “finger waves” from the 20’s.
  • Golden brooch from the drug store. I didn’t want to wear a head band as I couldn’t find one that I liked on me, but you could wear the flapper hair bands.
  • Made a purse out of the dress fabric and finished it off with the same fringe, and white rosettes I made, then sewed on some gold chain to tie it all in.
  • White/cream gloves that match the rosettes on the purse and shoe color.
  • the dress is a basic tank style dress. I measured my chest and hips and made sure I’d cut it wide enough, then added fringe on the bottom. I used elastic thread up the center (3 rows) each side seam (2 rows) and on the back center (3 rows) to give it a little better fit.

Here’s all the items!

flapper, gloves, cream, white finger wave hair dress, shoes


Heidi rented a FABULOUS dress from the local vintage costume store (who knew those existed? such a cool dress she found). Here we are at the Glass Vodka Distillery launch event.

glass vodka launch party distillery seattle


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  1. Lindsey you are truly amazing and an inspiration . Where you find the energy to be a good mom, run a company, be a great friend and do this I will never know

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