My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie Birthday Cake = 2 Happy 4 Year Olds!


my little pony cake pinkie pie twilight sparkle make

My Girlies turned 4 in August and I always make them each their own cake for their birthday. (They are identical twin girls).  This year they each wanted a My Little Pony cake with a rainbow.

Morgan requested Pinkie Pie and Mackenzie requested Twilight Sparkle, and they they wanted a rainbow connecting the two cakes 😉


my little pony cake pinkie pie twilight sparkle make

So here’s what I did.


  • I always use the Pillsbury Devil’s food cake moist supreme for my cake mix
  • Buttercream icing recipe, for mine I make it non/dairy by subbing butter for non diary butter flavored butter and then coconut milk for the milk.
  • Food coloring for the frosting
  • Edible Cake topper, (I was able to print one out with the name and image of the ponies at my local Safeway, call around to bakeries to see if they have a food/cake topper printer ;)) you can also find them on Ebay I designed my own in Photoshop so I just had it printed up at Safeway on food paper.
  • clay, I used “Plasti-clay” but you can use sculpey, or clay you find at Michaels. you want to use one that doesn’t “dry” out.
  • Toothpicks
  • Cake Pan (I used a round one)
  • Cake Carrier
  • cake decorating supplies

Step 1: Bake the cakes according to package instructions let cool completely (2 cakes for each completed “cake)

Step 2: Make your rainbow out of clay, I got rainbow colored “plasti-clay” and made it in the shape of a rainbow, then used toothpicks and extra clay on the back side to support it, then stuck toothpicks at the bottom of each rainbow color that would then push into the cake.

my little pony rainbow cake rainbow dash twilight sparkle

Step 3: Make a batch of white frosting, layer it on top of one cake and sandwich it, so you have a layered cake

Step 4: Cover entire cake in WHITE frosting (lazy Susan’s help immensely with this).

Step 5: Cut around edible image, then CAREFULLY place it exactly where you want it on the cake, you can’t move it, so make sure it’s exactly where you want it.

Step 6: Make your colored frosting and decorate the cake however you want! I used the colors from the two ponies as inspiration and the “cutie mark” as the design (I know WAY more than I’ve ever wanted to know about my little ponies..).

decorating pinky pie my little pony cake birthday party

Step 7: Set cake up for display, and push in the rainbow to connect the two cakes. ONLY take pics from the front side as the back of the rainbow looks BLECH.

Let me know your ideas!


Questions? Comments? I'd love to hear!