Upcycled: Jersey Turtleneck into Comfy Toddler Yoga Pants


Ok so I’ve mentioned in some past posts that I am playing around with up cycling old clothes into “new” toddler clothes. I am having quite a blast getting creative with this.

upcycled turtleneck into toddler yoga pants

My latest epiphany when going through my goodwill bin was these awesome Jersey Turtlenecks I no longer wear. I’ve been making a ton of the kiddo’s leggings out of store bought fabric or old T-shirts, but never thought of using an old turtleneck until now…

I found a great way to make patterns from already existing toddler pants over at Dana Made it.. I won’t repeat her tutorial, but once you have your pattern made, your ready to follow my tutorial.


Step 1: Jersey material turtle neck ( you want it to be stretchy, vs. thick knit that has little stretch) I used a size medium or large for my 4T pants. so size accordingly you can always make shorts vs. pants too.

Step 2: Place your pattern down on the turtleneck (I created my pattern by following Dana made it tutorial on pants)

upcycled turtleneck jersey toddler pants wine holder

Step 3: Cut around your pattern and cut the top of the turtleneck off as close to the seam as possible ABOVE the seam. you don’t want any of the neck seam as part of your finished pants.Β  You should have 5 pieces total. SAVE those arms.. I will be posting another project soon on how you can use those πŸ™‚

yoga pant toddler 4t from turtleneck upcycle

Step 4: Put right sides together then pin and sew the long straight seam.yoga pant cheap toddler jersey upcycle turtleneck

Step 5: Then open those now 2 pieces up and face right sides together and pin then sew like below

upcycle turtleneck toddler yoga pants easy quick

Step 6: Open and keep right sides together and pin and sew final leg seam.

final seam yoga pant toddler diy sew upcycle turtleneck

Step 7: Add the waistband, it’s a bit tricky because the waistband is a bit smaller then the pants (good thing, so it holds up the pants!) turn pants right side out, and slide over the old “neck” of the shirt with the seam on the neck lining up with the seam on the now back of the pants. Pin in 4 locations.. then sew around stretching as you go.

sewing yoga waistband from turtleneck toddler pant

ALL DONE! clip threads and see your fabulous work! this took me about 20 minutes (well a bit longer trying to remember to take pics).. Here is one of my little models πŸ˜‰

yoga pant toddler stripe upcycled turtleneck jersey easy sew

yoga pant toddler stripe upcycled turtleneck jersey easy sew

yoga pant toddler stripe upcycled turtleneck jersey easy sew

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6 thoughts on “Upcycled: Jersey Turtleneck into Comfy Toddler Yoga Pants

  1. So smart – I have a pile of knits that I plan to use similarly once my baby gets here. Now I’m wishing they were turtlenecks so I could use the neck as a waistband like you!

    1. fun! I had one shirt that was too narrow to make into pants so I did a “maxi” skirt with yoga waist.. my daughter morgan loves it πŸ˜‰

  2. Fabulous idea! Great to “meet” you on Craft Schooling Sunday, it’s always so nice to have some new contributors! Learning to actually sew and overcome my fear of the sewing machine (no idea why!) is on my wish list, so thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks!! I love making these, only 5 steps and the girls Love the pants as they can adjust the waist however they want πŸ˜‰

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