Tutorial: Rockin’ Desk Lamp: Upcycled Vinyl Record & Old Desk Lamp – $4.50


vinyl record desk lamp upcycle how to

DIY project Love Rant…

I LOVED this project; Costs under $5 and took a whopping 30 minutes WITH my trial and error versions (Yes, you’ll see 2 different records used throughout the tutorial as it took me 2 tries ;)). Plus, I absolutely love the end product and it turned out exactly how I imagined 😉 ALL good things when you DIY… (let’s just say about 1/3 of my stuff turns out at all…..).

I came up with this idea as I’ve been rehabbing a 1928 Seattle Bungalow and have lately been obsessed with vintage lighting and during the rehab process, I’ve come to love DIY lighting.  I was pa-rousing Pinterest and kept seeing the vinyl record Bowls. but didn’t see anything other than some pendant lights done with records. I really wanted a desk lamp and vuuuwaaallla… here it is.

I tried to get pictures along the whole process, let me know if you have questions, an as always, these are simply tutorials, follow them at your own risk 😉


  • Desk Lamp – I got mine at the goodwill for $3.75 (it was 50% off blue tag day!). You want one with a re-moveable shade (pictures later in tutorial). I can’t find the one I got online  but this one is the same style and you’d just remove the shade.
  • Glass Bowl – I used a Pyrex bowl
  • Vinyl Records – I just got some at goodwill for $0.99 each. but you could do a really cool one with a well known album
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Oven Mitts
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

Step 1: Preheat oven to 200 degrees. get a cookie sheet, heat safe bowl (I used a Pyrex bowl) and pot holders.

Step 2: Remove shade from lamp base. Remove whatever is holding the shade to the lamp base. For mine, I had a larger plastic screw thing that held the shade down to the base. You’ll use this to measure the hole you need to cut into the record.

Step 3: Mark the hole in the center of the record with the piece from the lamp for the size and a sharpie, just trace the inside of the circle.


Step 4: Put record on cookie sheet, place in oven; it’s ok if it goes a little over one edge of the cookie sheet, you are just warming it to be pliable enough to cut with scissors.

vinyl record melting soften in oven to make lampshade

Step 5: Carefully remove record using pot holders. Continue holding with a pot holder while you quickly use scissors to cut from the center hole to just past your sharpie line. Do this about 6 times then fold the little pieces back and cut off. If your hole diameter is large enough, you may just be able to cut around the circle easily. Anytime you start to lose the pliability, just put the record back into the oven to warm up.

cutton hole in vinyl record diy

vinyl record desk lamp upcycle how to


Step 6: Test the hole you made over the lamp base to make sure it fits over the lighting socket/shade location. Keep reheating and making cuts until you get it to fit.

Step 7: In this order, place in the oven: Cookie Sheet, bowl upside down on cookie sheet, record centered over bowl. then let it bake a bit, once the record has slumped over the bowl, take it out.

Step 7:  Take out the bowl and record together.  Place bowl right side up and put the record in quickly and start shaping/pushing into a bowl shape.  If you don’t like how it turned out, simply reheat it.

diy record lamp shade bowl vinyl how to

Step 8: Once you like the shape, let it harden & cool completely (about 3 minutes). Then place back on your lamp base, screw tight with shade holder screw.

Add light bulb, plug in, and enjoy your rockin’ desk lamp. I recommend using a smaller watt  bulb and make sure it doesn’t emit much heat.

diy vinyl record bowl lampshade tutorial

how to vinyl record desk lamp upcycle how to

diy vinyl record bowl lampshade tutorial

I’d love to see what you create! Let me know if you have questions or comments or any tips on your spin on this.

Happy Crafting, Lindsey

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