How to: Make Your own Sassy Glitter shoes on the cheap! (and what NOT to do!)


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I have a holiday party this weekend for work and I have this fabulous electric blue dress and sparkly cardigan that were screaming for glitter shoes! I refused to spend an exorbinant amount of money on heals that are way to high for my 36 year old feet! So I searched online and found some great inspiration for DIY glitter shoes!

before and after diy glitter shoes tutorial and #craftfail

Here is where I got the inspiration for this project:

  1. DIY Glitter shoes from Make
  2. Henry Happened DIY glitter shoes

diy how to glitter shoes mod podge glitter tutorial christmas holiday cheap sparkle

Both of these inspiration projects have tutorials as well, but I want to share with my tutorial what NOT TO DO! I think I’m fairly crafty savvy but did have some bloopers on this, probably due to the fact that I am such an impatient crafter, I jump in before doing the proper prep work πŸ™‚


TIP – First of all, you want to use super fine glitter, I used Martha Stewart’s brand. Here’s a picture of what the difference is. you will get LUMPS with the chunky stuff and a more polished finish with the fine stuff.

which glitter to use for glitters shoes diy big or fine

Step 1: tape off your shoes! tape off the bottom soles the insides, etc. just tape anywhere you don’t want glitter. Do NOT do what I did and try to freehand it, you will get glitter everywhere if it drips.,

prepping shoes for diy glitter

Β Step 2: Mix mod podge with glitter, make sure to use the super fine glitter! this pictures shows me mixing the chunky stuff, because I forgot to take a pic when I was mixing the correct stuff!

mod podge and glitter diy tutorial shoes how to

Tip: to keep your mixed mod podge from drying between coats, cover it with saran wrap

keep mod podge from drying cover with saran wrap

Step 3: Paint on coat by coat letting it dry between coats (add a littler helper, makes it much more exciting!). I did about 4 coats to get the coverage that I wanted.

diy glitter shoes

Here it is after 1 coat

first coat of glitter shoes.

Step 4: once it’s all dried to your liking, then spray it with the clear matt finish, just put something in your shoes (like a paper towel or something) so you don’t spray the inside of your shoes!

Then voila, you have fabulous DIY glitter shoes! here’s they are modeled by my 4 year old πŸ˜‰

DIY glitter shoes tutorial mod podge cheap thriftyDIY glitter shoes tutorial mod podge cheap thrifty

#CraftFail – OK and here is the fabulous #CraftFail portions of this project.. and what NOT to do.. this is how I got to the fab tutorial above πŸ™‚

#craftfail goopy mess diy glitter shoes

#craffail tape bottom of shoes

Happy Crafting! let me know if you have questions πŸ˜‰


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