Wilton’s Gingerbread Tree… the Box Image vs. Actual


wiltons wilton's gingerbread tree house

Instead of the gingerbread house. I decided to buy the tree (secretly hoping it would be easier).  Last year, when I did the gingerbread house,  it fell apart and I had to buy another one and add way less water to finally make it work.  I fully admit this may be me doing this all wrong and I may be the only one that has had issues with the frosting :)).  The recipe that comes with the box for the frosting has been way to runny for me … Sometimes I feel like my measuring spoons may be like a loose bartender.. but whatev’s…

So this year, I got the tree thinking it would be safe.. . and I have to say, I like the crooked runny tree we made WAY better than the perfect tree on the gingerbread tree box from Wilton’s… but I had quite the giggle with the “Picture” from Wilton’s vs. the “Actual”.. the kids loved putting the candy ornaments and Goopy frosting.. it was awesome.. but I’ll take  a crooked, sliding to the side tree any day over a picture perfect one 😉

If you want to make your own awesome tree, here’s the kit we used 😉

Happy crafty holidays



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