DIY Lego Ikea “Alang” Lamp Hack!


diy lego lamp tutorial ikea alang lamp hack

Working on remodeling a 1928 Bungalow, I’ve grown a bit obsessed with lighting fixtures, which has now carried into table and floor lamps 🙂 add that to a childhood love of Lego’s and you get this Ikea Alang Lamp Hack with Lego’s!

This was such a fun project and great for a boy’s room. Super easy, creative and fun for everyone in the house!  4 simple supplies,

  1. Lego’s – I purchased a mixed lot on eBay about 700+ lego’s
  2. IKEA Lamp ( the one I used is a $19.99 adjustable height “Alang” Ikea Lamp)
  3. Hot Glue Gun/Glue sticks
  4. E600 glue (for gluing base of Lego to base of lamp)

diy lego lamp supplies hot glue gun alang lamp ikea hack legos from ebay

It’s super easy.. and fun for the whole family, literally everyone in the house got involved 🙂 I was on core “square” duty, making sure the core square stayed the same, and then everyone else built around all the cool additions!

Step 1: determine the height you want the lamp, and lock down the little screw bracket on the lamp in place, then hot glue over that joint so you know it never moves.

mid build lego lamp

Step 2: Build a square base around the lamp bottom and glue that with the E600 glue. Whatever size looks good to you. The base of the Lego part needs to be super solid and permanently attached to the lamp base so you don’t have any issues with your Lego structure moving (I initially did hot glue, and then had to replace it with E600 as hot glue wasn’t strong enough to attach Lego to the metal base.


Step 3: Build up your Lego’s! the best advice I can give is hot glue every so often, you don’t need to glue every piece. and only LIGHTLY add glue to the bottom of the Lego piece you are gluing, you do NOT want it to ooze out.. if it does, wipe it off quickly so you don’t have ugly glue sticking out.

While building, make sure to keep your core “square” all closed. this means that even if you have cool pieces sticking out, that each level of the square is closed (no openings on your square as this could affect the integrity of your shape and make it wobbly. so let’s say I add a window piece. I’d likely glue that piece down then build up row by row next to it until I can include it in the square “core” pieces.

Step 4: Build up unit you get the height you like. then go through and wiggle any pieces that stick out to see if any are coming off easy and hot glue. once it’s all sturdy, put in your light bulb and enjoy!

ikea hack alang lamp lego tutorial

lego lamp close up diy tutorial alang lamp ikea hack

lego lamp diy tutorial ikea hack

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I LOVE your lego lamp!I’m going to Goodwill Mon to see if I can find a candidate. My son will love making it with me, and telling visitors that he made his own lamp, thanks for the great idea:)

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