Tutorial: Turn a Vinyl Record Into a Unique Notebook


 upcycled record notebook

Ever since I made the Rockin’ Desk lamp, I’ve been noodling around with fun ideas to make from old Vinyl records. I’ve also managed to love the sound of music on Vinyl and now have a record player … so I only use scratched records that have no life left in them to make these upcycled notebooks out of vinyl records.

This project is quite simple and requires just a few items:


Step 1:

Lay down the paper you are using and trace it onto the records with your sharpie so you know what size you’ll be cutting the record at. Center it where it looks good for you. You need 2 records to do a front and back for the notebook

upcycle record into notebook tutorial

Step 2:

Heat up the records in the oven one at a time until it’s super pliable. (About 2-3 mins in a 250 degree oven) remove it and start cutting with scissors on your sharpie line. As soon as it starts to get tough to cut, put it back in the oven to soften it up. If you force the cutting you will crack the record. Do this as many times as needed to get both records cut out completely

cutting out record for notebook

Step 3:

Put hole punches in your paper, then put the paper on the record pieces that are cut and mark with your sharpie where you want the hole punch lines. Then put the front and back pieces back into the oven and then hole punch. Same with this you don’t want to do the hole punch with a non pliable record as you will crack the record if you try it and it’s not soft.

Once you’ve done the holes, put the front and back piec of your notebook back in the oven to warm it up until it lays totally flat (it will be all wonky from cutting and hole punching)

flatten record in oven for notebook

Step 4:

Open the binder rings and put your notebook together and enjoy!

vinyl rings and binder rings record notebook

binder rings atached to notebook

finished vinyl record notebook

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