Simple and Quick “EAT” Wood Letter Project for Your Kitchen


DIY painted letters for kitchen

I’ve always loved seeing the large wood letters in various pins all over pinterest.  Our 11 year old Maddy said we needed something fun in the kitchen, maybe some words or something.   So the words EAT it was (mostly because there was no more rooms for any more letters…) I’ve seen loads of this type of ideas on pinterest and just love the look!

Let’s get started.

Supplies & Instructions:

  • Wood letters – I got mine at Michael’s craft store, but any craft store should have a variety of these.
  • Spray paint and primer in the color of your choice (I used cherry red for ours)
  • Command adhesives to hang the letters.


  1. Lay out your on something you don’t mind getting painted.
  2. Spray 1 coat of prim
  3. Spray  3-4 cost of paint, LIGHT coats!  Let dry in between.
  4. Hang your letters with the command adhesives

eatsignhorizontal DIY painted letters for kitchen

Happy Crafting!



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