DIY Refurbished Vintage Schoolhouse Lights


refurbished diy schoolhouse lights

I L -O-V-E Schoolhouse lights.. I still have 2 more I need to refurbish. we have 4 in our  house now and I’d be happy with every single light as a schoolhouse light, but that’s just a tad overkill 😉

refurbished diy schoolhouse lights

I thrifted and ebay’ed (is that word?) all the schoolhouse lights. I found 2 of them at our local Re-Store in Ballard. I found 3 on Ebay, and then the 2 others I need to refurbish still, I found at antique shows. You can usually score a vintage one between $35-$100 depending on size and condition.

refurbished diy schoolhouse lights

Rewiring and refinishing these lights is NOT difficult. I had no light-fixture-refab experience before jumping into all my light projects.  The Schoolhouse lights typically have a very basic light set that you unscrew, take to the local ace or big box hardware store and just match it to a new set that fits. then put that all back in the lamp.. Alternatively if your super uncomfortable, just bring the whole fixture in and have someone help you match up a replacement lighting socket 🙂

diy refurbished schoolhouse lights

I used our awesome sandblaster to blast away the old finish and rus of the metal parts and sprayed them with Rustoleum Oil rubbed Bronze for the new finish (you can alternatively just hand sand it with 120 grit sandpaper). I hand washed the globes and then put them all back together, and had our electrician install them into the ceiling 🙂 I don’t install anymore after  brief blackout from trying to install a new outlet years ago.. picture spark, black mark up wall and me on floor.. I no longer do anything with electrical other then rewire lamps 🙂 WHILE they are unplugged that is! LOL

Here’s some sources for the schoolhouse lights as well as the Rustoleum paint I used:

schoolhouse refurbished light fixture

let me know if you have questions! Happy to help 🙂

Get out and DIY!



4 thoughts on “DIY Refurbished Vintage Schoolhouse Lights

  1. You have splendid taste. as with most things old they seem to shout loudly “quality” made not just for a moment but made for a lifetime. tom williams vernal Utah

  2. The front porch lights on my 1900 house need a globe with a resessed indentation for 3 screws to hold it on. The new globes don’t have enough indentation. Help!!

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