Double Tilt-Out Trash & Recycle Bin – DIY



When we built our small mudroom and pantry addition, I new I needed a tilt out trash bin, nothing on the market fit the space the way I wanted. So I of course went to and found a plan that I liked. I needed to hack it a bit to fit my space perfectly. But her wood tilt out trash can or recycling cabinet plans were perfect! (at this point, I’ve built about 5 Ana-White projects tehehehe).

I didn’t want to have 2 separate cabinets so I simply doubled the plans and joined it in the center.Β  I also added ball chains to the cabinet fronts to hold the doors open, but not let them fall down.

Here’s a picture of the door tilted out and with ball chain to hold door fronts from falling over


Build in progress:

2013-11-04 14.29.08

2013-11-04 14.29.03

The door fronts took 2 attempts! the first attempted I used salvaged wood and learned that it was a really bad idea! within a week, they started warping out and curving back. I found the final doors at the Re-Store in Seattle Washington for a a whopping $4, cut them to size and installed! always love using salvage supplies whenever possible.

These were the first doors, some old fir from our home we found during remodel. I recommend NOT doing doors that tilt out with wood that is horizontal, these things bowed out within a week and I had to replace them.

2013-11-08 11.37.42 2013-11-16 11.01.08 2013-11-16 11.01.16

And the final version here with the new doors that I found salvage and just had to trim up a bit! these have worked way better πŸ™‚


let me know if you have any questions πŸ™‚ happy DIY’ing!





4 thoughts on “Double Tilt-Out Trash & Recycle Bin – DIY

  1. It looks so nice and it is an easy one. We rely upon junk it( a junk removal company in Toronto) for thrash removal. They accept different types of junk. We used to dump only solid waste, food waste and pet waste. But last week we had a renovation in the master bed room. So some semi-hazardous waste remains and i was in search of a DIY thrash bin. So thanx a ton for sharing this.

  2. Hi! What size trash can did you get to fit inside? The standard can that is listed in the instructions is too tall πŸ™

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