DIY Gym Floor Desks With Industrial / Plumbing Fixture Legs


diy gym floor table desk top industrial plumbing legs

Finding the perfect desk that isn’t a gazillon dollars is a bit tough. I actually didn’t want any drawers (we did shelving and rolling drawers instead) and needed 2 desk that were extra long!

plumbing fixture and gym floor table diy

I also love the look of two tone colors and industrial legs as well, so I combined both a cool top and industrial legs – aka – plumbing parts.

I was inspired by some of these designs:


Since I’m such a fan of salvage I visited our local Re-store and found these amazing gym floors from Lakeside School. BTW that’s where Bill Gates went to school and maybe he actually ran across these floors…  well… maybe not.

Here’s what they looked like when I got them, just random strips of gym floor –  I immediately kinda maybe freaked out when I saw these 🙂 !!

gym floors for tableThe floors  cost $120 for each piece – so a whopping $240 bucks for both desk tops! Not to shabby.

BTW – I drive a mini cooper, NO WAY these would fit, so I used taskrabbit app to get someone to pick up and deliver for only $40, so get creative with how/where you get things you can always get someone to deliver!


I needed to cut the sides down, as they were all wonky and needed to be straight as well as a bit more narrow.  My tool of choice for this was my brand new circular saw.  I didn’t name my blog “Impatiently Crafty ” on a whim,  I am one of those people who maybe-doesn’t-read-instructions and gets super excited to jump in and play with new power tools.

Needless to say,  I screwed up a few times eek!  By the 4th try, (had to adjust blade depth, make a better Jig etc. etc. ) I finally got it cut straight, thankfully I had enough to cut off to have some room to learn about cutting with a circular saw.

2014-01-13 12.20.39 2014-01-13 12.30.35 cutting gym floor with circular saw

Next I got out my plumbing fixtures and spray painted silver and black.. I was going for a two tone finish. You’ll need to determine what sizes to get based on your table size, but I painted those first, then attached with screws to the table top. Not sure if a tutorial is wanted on the legs but if so, I can add that, just comment on this post if you want the exact details on the legs 😉

2014-01-17 09.58.21 2014-01-14 08.52.05 pipe legs with two tone color

Next, I had a REALLY BAD IDEA.. I thought that a metal edge (without welding) would look cool. So I got some metal straps, with holes and used furniture tacks to attach it.. BAD IDEA! it was splitting the layers of wood underneath, breaking some nails etc. etc. here’s what I tried to do:

2014-01-14 09.25.25 2014-01-14 09.09.41

I ripped all of this out, because it was just NOT working.. and went with Firring strips of wood that were the perfect size to fit and clean up the edges of the gym floor. I used Maple strips so it matched the maple flooring. I used wood glue and 1 1/4″ brad nails to attached the strips. Then filled in any gaps with wood glue.

2014-01-17 10.16.28 2014-01-17 10.33.22

Last – I lightly sanded all of it with 120 grit sandpaper, wiped clean and then used 3 coats of rub on polyurethane.

Then… Finally…, put it in my office. I actually built 2 of them. one for my computer and sewing (I work from home so this is my home office desk) and one for the family computer and 3D printer…

gym floor desk industrial legs plumbing fixtures

Here it is.. (btw. it NEVER looks this clean, but if I showed you the normal day to day pic, you wouldn’t be able to see the desk,,, tehehehe 🙂

Happy DIY’ing! ~ Lindsey


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