Sous vide Limoncello – Easy, Quick and sooo Good!!!


make limoncello with your sous vide machine recipe

My husband is totally into Sous vide cooking, we now have 2 Sous Vide machines. He cooks vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. etc. He has forever ruined steaks at restaurants for me in that he makes the best steaks I’ve ever had using the Sous vide Machine.. I can’t even describe in words how good they are…

I wasn’t as interested in the machine until I read that you can make infused booze.. quickly and easily! As in not wait weeks for booze to infuse, you can do this in hours… enter my impatient curiosity..

I followed the recipe at sous vide Supreme and it turned out lovely! in less than 3 hours, I had the best bottle of Limoncello that I’ve ever had..

I’m thinking of trying my own Mojito concoction soon, I’ll let you k now how that turns out 🙂

Happy infusing!




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