100 Hours, 6 Months and I have a Kayak that Floats!


selky kayak pygmy boats wooden kayak kit

My husband knows I like to build things.  I’ve built lots of items from our own designs and many from Ana-white’s plans.  He gave me a Kayak kit from Pygmy Boats for Christmas and gave me a challenge to focus on the craftsmanship and detail of woodworking and building… It took me until February to unwrap the package (one could say it was too cold to work??).

After nearly 100+ hours, 6 months, frustration, swear words, joy and satisfaction of completing each step, I have a wooden kayak that fits perfectly and it makes me smile to take her out on the water.   I’m hopeful that someday my kids will be able to enjoy this kayak and know that mom made it 😉 so long as I don’t wreck it while transporting it on top of the car!


No need for a tutorial on this one as Pygmy Boats provides detailed instructions with each boat kit, so this post is pretty much a picture post and images of the build process

Build of the Pygmy Boats Selkie Kayak


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