Reclaimed Fence Boards, Silhouette’s and White Paint

Our lovely neighbors took down part of their fence a while back and I was the lucky recipient of the wood. I’ve been inspired by a lot of the silhouette art I’ve been seeing and am very happy with how these turned out!

Since I am incapable of drawing anything other than circles and squares –  I founds some silhouette’s online, sized them and used them to trace a pattern on to the wood. The best way to do this is to cover the back of the printed paper with white chalk, put it on the wood, trace and you have a white outline of whatever you traced and then paint it in.

My daughter Morgan even did the mountain one once the tracing was all done – I love her signature the best.. “MOMO!”


Reclaimed Wood Wall art Silhouette

Double Tilt-Out Trash & Recycle Bin – DIY


When we built our small mudroom and pantry addition, I new I needed a tilt out trash bin, nothing on the market fit the space the way I wanted. So I of course went to and found a plan that I liked. I needed to hack it a bit to fit my space perfectly. But her wood tilt out trash can or recycling cabinet plans were perfect! (at this point, I’ve built about 5 Ana-White projects tehehehe).

I didn’t want to have 2 separate cabinets so I simply doubled the plans and joined it in the center.  I also added ball chains to the cabinet fronts to hold the doors open, but not let them fall down.

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Easy Fix for an Old and Tired Mirror…



You can probably tell that I love getting salvage or antique finds. I found this mirror at a flea market in Chelsea, New York.  Absolutely loved the wood carving and style of the mirror. It was made over 100 years ago, hand carved and just looked a bit tired and needed some TLC. The edges where the wood seems met were clearly cracked and the wood was looking a bit warped.

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