DIY: Queen Bed with Reclaimed Wood Headboard and Footboard

This is my biggest custom build yet! I don’t know how to use sketch up/designs software for images, so I’ll list out the supplies and steps.. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to show pretty computer graphic designs for you. Ask questions and I can provide more detail or...Read More »

Reclaimed Fence Boards, Silhouette's and White Paint

Our lovely neighbors took down part of their fence a while back and I was the lucky recipient of the wood. I’ve been inspired by a lot of the silhouette art I’ve been seeing and am very happy with how these turned out!

Since I am incapable of drawing...Read More »

100 Hours, 6 Months and I have a Kayak that Floats!

My husband knows I like to build things.  I’ve built lots of items from our own designs and many from Ana-white’s plans.  He gave me a Kayak kit from Pygmy Boats for Christmas and gave me a challenge to focus on the craftsmanship and detail of...Read More »

DIY Wall to Wall Built in Bunk Beds and a Full Room Remodel

Rehabbing a lakefront cabin… and loving it! This first project to share is our “Camp Room” themed bedroom with Built in Bunks.

Before  & After:

I was inspired to create wall to wall bunks at our little getaway cabin that I’m currently rehabbing…Hence hardly any posts since September! I’m pretty much...Read More »

DIY Stained Glass "Mosaic" on an Old Salvaged Window

I can honestly say, even I was surprised out nice this turned out, I wasn’t sure I’d get the right effect as I was a bit skeptical with glue and thick glass pieces, but I truly love how this turned out! Most of all, I love that 3 of my kids...Read More »

DIY Tutorial - License Plate Map of the United States

Hands down the longest project I’ve made to date (aside from the latch hook rug I did on bedrest for 5 weeks straight pregnant with my twins).  Massive Kudo’s to my patient husband who totally helped figure out how to get all these states cut without me slicing...Read More »

DIY Gym Floor Desks With Industrial / Plumbing Fixture Legs

Finding the perfect desk that isn’t a gazillon dollars is a bit tough. I actually didn’t want any drawers (we did shelving and rolling drawers instead) and needed 2 desk that were extra long!

I also love the look of two tone colors and industrial legs as well, so I...Read More »

Adventures in 3D Printing: Lampshade and Copper Tubing Light Fixture

My husband and I are a bit transfixed with 3D printing, neither of us know a lick about the software to do our own modeling, but there are 1000’s of ready to print items on Thingiverse.

Both of us are now at the point where we want...Read More »

Double Tilt-Out Trash & Recycle Bin - DIY

When we built our small mudroom and pantry addition, I new I needed a tilt out trash bin, nothing on the market fit the space the way I wanted. So I of course went to Ana-White.com and found a plan that I liked. I needed to...Read More »

Ikea Tarva Hack into 1 Shaker Style-ish Dresser with Leather Pulls

First things first, this is NOT a proper photo heavy tutorial, I was so project focused, I didn’t take enough pictures to make a proper tutorial, but I’ll walk you through what I did.

When we moved into our 1928 Seattle bungalow, our room, true to the era is quite small. ...Read More »

DIY Custom Kitchen Nook Storage Benches

After jumping into building furniture (first project was our Farmhouse bed). We needed kitchen nook seating. I didn’t want the space to go to waste so I figured seating AND storage would be fab! Here’s the deets:

Kitchen Nook Before:

Read More »

Easy Fix for an Old and Tired Mirror...


You can probably tell that I love getting salvage or antique finds. I found this mirror at a flea market in Chelsea, New York.  Absolutely loved the wood carving and style of the mirror. It was made over 100 years ago, hand carved and just looked a bit...Read More »

DIY Galley Shelves / Picture Ledges, Great Beginner Woodworking Project!

I think I get more compliments on these galley shelves/picture ledges than anything else I’ve made, and these were probably the easiest things to make!

They are great for your first project, have simple cuts and basic construction. The plans for them are free for download and are here:  Read More »

How to Make Ping Pong Ball Lights

This is a slightly tedious project, but the results are great! Make your own Ping Pong Ball lights.

Since we don’t list the supplies in the ehow video’s, here’s what you’ll need for this:

DIY Farmhouse Bed from 2 Ana White Plans

Finally getting around to posting (had to clean the room to get good pictures LOL). I love the farmhouse style beds, but didn’t care for the price tag of store bought ones and decided to give building one a try, it was still an investment ($750 for all...Read More »

Making Coasters out of Vinyl Records (only scratched ones of course!)

I just started doing instructional videos for ehow.com and the first set of videos was just posted.  I’ll add them to the blog each week with additional info and some fun extra tips.

The first project I want to feature is making coasters out of vinyl records. When recording...Read More »

DIY Barn Door from Simple 2x6's

I’ve been seeing barn doors all over pinterest lately and I just had to make one. I wanted one that had a vintage rustic vibe with a bit of industrial grittiness to it. So that meant, I had to make it (custom built doors are stupid spendy!).

The previous...Read More »

My Kitchen Nook: DIY Upcycled Industrial Light fixture

I can’t take credit for this idea, I was inspired by Mandi over at Vintage Revivals in one of her room makeovers with her awesome industrial light fixture. You can tell by some of my latest posts that I’m digging industrial.

Note: Get the...Read More »

Super Simple Sewing Project Tutorial: Cutoff Jeans with Doily

I got the inspiration for this project from pinterest, I’ve seen lots of jeans with doilies on them. I didn’t follow one particular tutorial, I just winged it, but there are a ton of variations on pinterest in addition to mine 😉

K knew right off I didnt’...Read More »

Locker Hack - Bring New Life to a Vintage School Locker as a Funky Sideboard

I have several furniture projects that in my blog pipeline 🙂 After finding Ana-white.com a while back and getting inspired by some of her projects.  I’m tackling all sorts of my own DIY furniture projects!  This straightforward locker transformation is one of my fav’s!  Ward and...Read More »

Simple and Quick "EAT" Wood Letter Project for Your Kitchen

I’ve always loved seeing the large wood letters in various pins all over pinterest.  Our 11 year old Maddy said we needed something fun in the kitchen, maybe some words or something.   So the words EAT it was (mostly because there was no more rooms for any more...Read More »

DIY Backyard Climbing Wall

Living in the city, with a relatively small lot, we are trying to get super creative with fun activities for the kids in the backyard. We decided to build a climbing wall on the side of the garage! It’s 16 feet wide by 7 feet...Read More »

Tutorial: Industrial Plumbing Pipe Curtain Rods

Lately I’ve been totally digging an industrial look, with a girly edge to it. Too much industrial and it feels cold and uninviting, just the right amount and touch of industrial and it feels cozy and inviting.

I’ve seen others use plumbing pipes as curtain rods and figured...Read More »

Tutorial: Turn a Vinyl Record Into a Unique Notebook


Ever since I made the Rockin’ Desk lamp, I’ve been noodling around with fun ideas to make from old Vinyl records. I’ve also managed to love the sound of music on Vinyl and now have a record player … so I only use...Read More »

DIY Lego Ikea "Alang" Lamp Hack!

Working on remodeling a 1928 Bungalow, I’ve grown a bit obsessed with lighting fixtures, which has now carried into table and floor lamps 🙂 add that to a childhood love of Lego’s and you get this Ikea Alang Lamp Hack with Lego’s!

This was such a...Read More »

DIY Snowglobe Fun! Warning, these are ADDICTIVE to Make!

Ok so have about a dozen mason jars leftover from another project I was working on and wanted to do the fun snow globe mason jar’s I’ve seen around online. They are as easy as they look and so much fun! I made 6 with the kiddo’s...Read More »

How to: Make Your own Sassy Glitter shoes on the cheap! (and what NOT to do!)

I have a holiday party this weekend for work and I have this fabulous electric blue dress and sparkly cardigan that were screaming for glitter shoes! I refused to spend an exorbinant amount of money on heals that are way to high for my 36 year old...Read More »

Tutorial: Rockin' Desk Lamp: Upcycled Vinyl Record & Old Desk Lamp - $4.50

DIY project Love Rant…

I LOVED this project; Costs under $5 and took a whopping 30 minutes WITH my trial and error versions (Yes, you’ll see 2 different records used throughout the tutorial as it took me 2 tries ;)). Plus, I absolutely love the end product and...Read More »

Collection of 10 Great and Simple Sewing Tutorials for Toddler Clothing

If you’ve read this blog lately, you’ll see I’m trending HEAVILY towards sewing, (my latest obsession). I thought I’d recap my favorite 10 tutorials for sewing toddler clothes.These are in no particular “favorite” order, all are great, and all have really good tutorials!

  1.  Baby Shortall From...Read More »

Bride and Groom Etched Glasses - Wine and Champagne Flute!

Etched custom wine glasses champagne flute for wedding bride and groom

This project was made for one of my best friends, Megan and Brett are getting married on December 1st (YEAY!!!!). They had a pre-wedding celebration as they are having a private ceremony in Hawaii. I wanted to give them something fun and since it was a classy...Read More »

Bar Top Epoxy Love: Sailboat Table Redo With Regional Map Encased in Bar Top Epoxy.

Bar top epoxy map table laminated sail boat

I am kind of obsessed with all the creative options of using Bar Top Epoxy. the latest project being theSailboat convertible table covered in dark brown laminate faux wood.. EW!  Yet again, burdened by the nasty faux wood laminate.. I had to cover it! (see related...Read More »

DIY Cleo Halloween Costume from Clifford the Big Red Dog

cleo costume from clifford the big red dog tv show cartoon halloween diy make
BTW that is Cleo from Clifford the Big Red Dog on tv while Morgan is posing for the camera!

So I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE making Halloween costumes for the girls. It’s insanely rewarding to watch there 4 year...Read More »

Upcycled: Jersey Turtleneck into Comfy Toddler Yoga Pants

upcycled turtleneck into toddler yoga pants

Ok so I’ve mentioned in some past posts that I am playing around with up cycling old clothes into “new” toddler clothes. I am having quite a blast getting creative with this.

My latest epiphany when going through my goodwill bin was these awesome Jersey Turtlenecks I no...Read More »

My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie Birthday Cake = 2 Happy 4 Year Olds!

my little pony cake pinkie pie twilight sparkle make

My Girlies turned 4 in August and I always make them each their own cake for their birthday. (They are identical twin girls).  This year they each wanted a My Little Pony cake with a rainbow.

Morgan requested Pinkie Pie and Mackenzie requested Twilight Sparkle, and they they...Read More »

Laminate counter Makeover for $28 with Epoxy & Contact Paper...Yes.. I really just said that...

laminate counter refinish epoxy bar top contact paper

Updating a 1984 sailboat is quite fun! (new cushions/fabrics/curtains etc.) I have lots of posts coming for all the revamping with the “pretty” stuff in the cabin. But this post is specifically about the counter tops.

I HATE 80’s faux wood laminate.. well I hate any faux wood...Read More »

DIY Upcycled Sail into Beach Tote with pockets and coordinating lining

Sail Bag upcycled sail cloth beach tote bag DIY

I’ve seen bags made from sails lately all over the place. Most of them are crazily priced and frankly look like they are made from sail cloth vs. actual sails as I rarely see wear on them. I wanted a simple tote great for carrying around kids...Read More »

Twofer: Comfy Jammy Pants and Strapless Jumper all for $5.95

Love this! You can’t beat thrift-ed fabric (both the purple fabric and waistband fabric I got at the goodwill). I spent a whopping $5.95 on this project and still have enough fabric left over to make another pair. So REALLY I spent just under $3.00 on these.....Read More »

Roaring 20's costume and accessories, trial and error!

I’m obsessed lately with sewing (clearly by my posts!) and frankly it’s my crafty crack hobby of the quarter!

That said, my friend Heidi invited me to a 20’s themed party and I just had to make my outfit! Seems like with the learning process in sewing, it’s...Read More »

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Toddler Dress, Great for Summer!

The 3 of these girls just run off having fun together (my twin girls and my niece). As much as it’s hard to get photo’s of both of my girls looking at the camera, it’s impossible to get all 3 of the girls to look! Anyhow,...Read More »

Upcycled: Refinished Vintage Frame and Kids Fingerpainted Art.

I love vintage frames, the ornate designs, and shapes. However, the colors of the frames leave much to be desired, rarely have I found an old frame that I like “as is.” So this project was all about using a couple of frames I found at the...Read More »

DIY Washable Glitter Paint for Toddlers

Ok, maybe this is a no brainer, but I thought it was fun. The girls being 3 and all, LOVE glitter paint. I refuse to pay extra for glitter paint at the store so I just made some. I used the crayola washable paints and...Read More »

Tutorial: Image Transfer - Marble Tile Coasters

I’ve always seen these amazing marble coasters and boutique shops and wine stores etc. they usually cost about $40 for a set of 4. I was determined to figure out how to make my own with my own images. Thinking these will make great gifts as...Read More »

"Snow-Doh" Play-doh in a fun festive "Snow" theme

My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE play-doh as the should, they are 3 ;). I’ve yet to buy the actual branded version and instead opt to make my own.  We have a crap-load of glitter in the house and I decided to add some silver and white glitter...Read More »

Tutorial: Transfer Images to Canvas in as little as 15 minutes!


Ok I have been trying for YEARS and I mean YEARS to figure out a solid image transfer technique. Lost of trial and error, wasted money and materials (all in the name of creativeness. I mean I did enjoy figuring this all out) and FINALLY I’ve got...Read More »

Upcycled No-Sew Curtains for $3.98

I have a new office and even though it comes with the oh-so-fabulous cheep metal blinds, I just  had to spice it up a bit.  I love a challenge with budget and creativeness and so I made these curtains for my office… I love them! they match the...Read More »

Make Girls Hairclips for WAY cheaper than buying!

So go figure, I have been wanting to make hair clips for my twin girls for a while and they just got into a “Phase” where they don’t like hair clips, but I made them anyhow 😉 I just can’t justify the $4-$7 price tag on these...Read More »

Refinish Hand-Me-Down plastic chairs to Look Like New!

We got these great plastic Adirondack chairs from our neighbors when their kiddo’s outgrew them. Our girls love them and use them all the time, but they were quite worn and faded. I was at Home Depot a while back and saw that they have “plastic spray...Read More »

Kids Painted Artwork into Awesome Pottery Barn Style Wall Art!

Pin It

Ok so I am laughing as I came up with the title for this post, there was so many little things involved that I wasn’t sure what to call it. The inspiration for this project came from my kiddo’s....Read More »

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