Twofer: Comfy Jammy Pants and Strapless Jumper all for $5.95


pajama pants and yoga waist thrift-ed and jumper with belt strapless

Love this! You can’t beat thrift-ed fabric (both the purple fabric and waistband fabric I got at the goodwill). I spent a whopping $5.95 on this project and still have enough fabric left over to make another pair. So REALLY I spent just under $3.00 on these.. ok that’s craziness!

I love these pants because you won’t find a more comfortable waistband, you can adjust it to cover more belly (like when you just chowed a pint of ice cream) or wear it low and more of a “skirt” over pant look if your feeling sassy.

Oh but wait!

Let’s say you want o go run some quick errands, no need to change my friend. Flip up that waistband, add a belt and run on your way.  After all, it’s no one else’s business if you just happened to sleep in that same outfit the night before lol.

Anyhow, I’m trying a new tutorial format, let me know what you think!


  • Sewing Machine and appropriate thread
  • Fabric (I got my purple fabric for $3.50 at goodwill and it was nearly 4 yards worth!) knit or woven doesn’t matter, the knit version fits loser
  • Knit fabric, like t shirt style knit or yoga pant style knit for waistband. I found about a yard of it at goodwill.
  • Pattern drafted from the “Pants” pattern in this book – Design it yourself, pattern making simplified the basic pant pattern without waistband or anything. as we are doing a different fit.

First step is to make your pants pattern so it fits your body perfectly! the instructions are great in the book. This is the pattern you will use for the rest of this project. you want to make it so the waist area measurement is just above your belly button/high waist-ed.

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If you prefer a different look at the tutorial. I posted it at as well here’s that tutorial:

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