DIY Galley Shelves / Picture Ledges, Great Beginner Woodworking Project!


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I think I get more compliments on these galley shelves/picture ledges than anything else I’ve made, and these were probably the easiest things to make!

They are great for your first project, have simple cuts and basic construction. The plans for them are free for download and are here:  Ana-White’s ten dollar ledge plans (they cost me about $25 a piece as mine are much longer). At pottery barn you’d spend well over $1000 to get all 4 ledges at 7 foot lengths! so I saved about $900 bucks!

Print out Ana-Whites’ instructions and follow, adjusting for size based on what length you want.  Build them with off the shelf lumber, cut, screw and finish with paint of your choice!


Here’s some more pics! let me know if you have any questions, but if your ready to try some woodworking, these are GREAT for your first projects and Ana White’s instructions are perfect.


You will need some basic tools for this project, Ana White mentions it, but here’s what I used:


Happy DIY’ing.

Let me know if you have questions!



6 thoughts on “DIY Galley Shelves / Picture Ledges, Great Beginner Woodworking Project!

  1. Been trying to describe just this kind of shelf to my boyfriend and here I see my vision in gorgeous reality! Such perfect timing .. thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Ashley. I screwed in the back piece directly into the wall. find the studs and use 2.5-3″ screw to screw it into the wall.. then I just paint over the screws so they aren’t showing 🙂 or at least match the color of the shelves.

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