DIY Custom Kitchen Nook Storage Benches


DIY custom kitchen nook storage benches

After jumping into building furniture (first project was our Farmhouse bed). We needed kitchen nook seating. I didn’t want the space to go to waste so I figured seating AND storage would be fab! Here’s the deets:

Kitchen Nook Before:

kitchen nook storage benches diy
Nook area before building out the seating

This is a fully custom project as I needed to do my own measurements and style as well as fit around a heater vent and add in bead board and baseboards to tie it into the rest of the kitchen.

Start the project by laying out the wood. I used 3/4″ plywood strips cut for me at the hardware store.

kitchen nook storage benches diy
starting to lay out the wood for the bench bases (making sure they fit!)

Next step was to build out the boxes, I had some unevenness on our wood floors, but I was able to fix that later with a bit of paintable caulk to fill in the corners before painting.

kitchen nook storage benches diy
Building out the boxes on the sides, you can see how my floor is a bit uneven

framed out the front and sides with wood and bead board, added 1×3 boards to the top that would be where I’d add the piano hinges later.  then filled gaps with caulk and painted (before adding heat vent cover and tops)

kitchen nook storage benches diy
before the top and vent cover was on

Painted and added a heat vent cover.  I used the awesome aluminum pattern stuff from home depot and just cut it with tin strips, and used 1×3 boards to frame it in.. Then used long piano hinges to add the seat tops that fold up for storage!
kitchen nook storage benches diy

Here it is all finished before putting the custom seat cushions (tutorial coming soon!) and table back in.

kitchen nook storage benches diy
top with piano hinges and final shot of benches before cushions and table put back in


Let me know if you have questions, I didn’t follow any plans kind of looked at ideas I liked and made measurements that worked for my space. It was definitely a tough project but taught me a ton about building!

Get out and DO!






15 thoughts on “DIY Custom Kitchen Nook Storage Benches

    1. I don’t have a tutorial but I did search ideas on pinterest for plans and inspiration. The biggest thing to remember is using the piano hinge for the bench seat 🙂

  1. I’m going to try a project like this. Looks like you did a great job! What did you do about the outlet under the window? I see you cut a spot for it, but where/how do the cords get to what you are powering?

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